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FOR MORE than 20 years, people have invested in HH savings bonds as a way to delay paying income taxes and get an income stream to boot. Now, in the name of progress, the quirky bond’s days are numbered. The Treasury Department.

That’s because after Aug. 31 you won’t be able to convert these bonds into HH bonds, which allow you to continue deferring the federal tax owed on the accrued interest. The government is eliminating HH bonds as a cost-saving.

DEFINITION of ‘Series HH Bond’ A 20-year non-marketable U.S. government savings bond that pays semi-annual interest based on a coupon rate. This coupon is locked in at a fixed rate for the first 10 years, after which it is reset by the U.S. Treasury for the rest of the bond’s life.

The U.S.Treasury hasn’t issued HH bonds since the end of August 2004, but the bonds still earn interest until redemption or maturity. The rate is fixed for the first.

Further bad news, the interest earnings are taxable in the year that the bond matured. Back in 1998, you could have used the proceeds to buy a Series HH savings bond and continued to defer the tax liability, although income taxes on the.

While still considered savings bonds, HH bonds are a different breed from the EE bonds you may be most familiar with. EE bonds are.

iv. Series EE, HH and I Bonds (savings bonds) Among the most widely held forms of government debt, they have evolved over time and exist in several forms.

Question: I just read that the government is planning to discontinue Series HH bonds next year. When this occurs, will there be any other option available for converting mature Series EE bonds without incurring a tax on the accumulated.

I inherited some HH Bonds about three years ago. I receive interest every six months which would be this month and in June. I want to cash at least one of them in. Do.

Series H and HH bond overview. New Series HH or Series H Savings Bonds are no longer issued, however, there are HH bonds outstanding that are still earning interest. All series H bonds, on the other hand, are no longer earning interest and should be redeemed.

The only exception to this is when the proceeds are rolled into Series H or HH Savings Bonds, which extends your tax deferral. The government doesn’t really care that you “forgot” they were in that shoebox in the guest closet. The.

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HH bonds were savings bonds issued by the United States Treasury. While the Treasury stopped selling HH bonds on August 30, 2004, HH bonds.

1099INTs are issued for every year that an HH bond is in existence and claimable on the tax return in the year the HH bond earns the interest. When you cash them in, there is another amount that has to be claimed.

Series HH bond: read the definition of Series HH bond and 8,000+ other financial and investing terms in the NASDAQ.com Financial Glossary.

Citing the need to cut costs, the bureau has been gradually gutting the savings bond program over the past decade. In has cut interest rates, increased minimum holding periods, decreased the annual purchase limit, eliminated the Series HH.

Series HH bond: read the definition of Series HH bond and 8,000+ other financial and investing terms in the NASDAQ.com Financial Glossary.

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Savers traditionally have swapped maturing H, E and EE bonds for HH bonds to get up to 20 additional years of earnings before the taxes on their original investments came due. Now, as part of a major modernization program, the Treasury.

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It is difficult to find anyone experienced in dealing with EE bonds. When I switch my EE bonds (at their expiration date) into HH bonds, can I retitle them into a living trust with the same owners as the current EE bonds carry? Also, how.

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Series HH savings bonds were discontinued on September 1st, 2004, prior to which they could be attained by exchanging maturing Series EE savings bonds.

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I’ve been told that I can exchange the Series EE bonds for Series HH Bonds. Through such an exchange, I can possibly defer paying the tax on the interest I’ve earned from the Series EE bonds over the last 10 or 15 years. Is this true? And.

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Attention, holders of E and EE U.S. savings bonds: If you want to exchange them for HH bonds, you must do so by Aug. 31. When E and EE bonds reach final maturity, such an exchange is the only way to keep deferring taxes on their.

You can find the issue date right under the series name, on the upper right corner of the bond. Series HH bonds mature 20 years after the issue date. If the series name is anything else, then it’s probably from an outdated series and has.

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These bonds are known as Series E, EE or I bonds. Series HH bonds are taxed as you go because the interest is paid twice a year. If you’ve determined your grandparents have not reported the annual interest on these bonds, then there.

HH bonds were savings bonds issued by the United States Treasury. While the Treasury stopped selling HH bonds on August 30, 2004, HH bonds that were issued between January, 1980 and August, 2004 earn interest for a 20-year period.

Treasury Bonds: Tax Considerations What Is Taxable Income? Treasury bonds pay interest every six months. This interest is exempt from state and local income taxes.

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A: The maturity date depends on the type of savings bond and when it was issued. Most savings bonds earn interest for 30 years, although HH bonds earn interest for 20 years, and old Series E bonds (from November 1965 and earlier) earn.

HH Bond is a non-marketable government security that pays semi-annual interest. Series HH bonds are issued with a $500 minimum value and may only be purchased by.

HH Bonds pay interest at a fixed rate, which is determined on the day you purchased your bond for the first 10 years. After this period, these bonds automatically enter into a ten year extension and will assume a new guaranteed rate.

Q. My brothers and I recently inherited HH bonds from my aunt. Who is responsible for the tax on the deferred interest: my aunt or my brothers and I? A. Great question. Deciding who pays the tax on interest accrued after someone’s death.

Savings bonds come in three varieties: EE bonds and I bonds, which are vehicles for savings, and HH bonds, which were created to produce income for their buyers. EE bonds. EEs purchased today pay a fixed rate of interest, which.